2024 Spring Puppy Picnic

Join us on SUNDAY MARCH 24, 2024 for our annual SPRING Puppy Picnic! Fun Contests! Fun Match! Junior Handling Class! AKC Canine Good Citizen/Community Canine Citizen/Trick Dog Testing, Our Fun Balloon Dog Competition, Eye and Heart Clinics, Food, Fun & more! 

Where: The home of Bart & Linda Whitmire, Conyers GA
Time: 11am to 4pm

Fun Contests are $1 each, Fun Match classes are $5 each. Balloon Dog entry is $5.

Fun Match information:

The fun match is open to members and non members to have a fun time to show your dog in the ring! Even if you have NEVER shown before or have a cavalier that is "just a pet" (aren't they all??) you can have a fun time and show in the ring!

Ever wondered what it would be like to show? You can have fun and learn here! We will award prizes and ribbons and rosettes!

Have an oldie seven years or older? Show them in the veteran class and vie for Best Veteran!! If you have an AKC major pointed cavalier, you can show them in the Match as "Exhibition Only". You cannot compete for Best in Match; however, we will be judging all the 'Exhibition Only" entries and select the "Best Exhibition Only"!

Fun Match judge is: Mr. Joshua Marshall (Forestcreek US)

Fun Match entries are $5 each class entered. 

Show off your handling skills as you are judged in our hilarious Balloon Dog competition! Grab your helium balloon dog and strut around the ring in a fun competition. Entry is $5 (covers cost of balloon dog that you keep).

We will also be holding heart & eye clinics with board certified specialists. 

Dr. Darlene Blischok-Lapekas, DVM - Cardiologist 

Dr. Stacy Andrew, DVM - Ophthalmologist

You may sign up and pay online on our website or pay via check or cash at the picnic. Cost is $50 per dog, per clinic. 




All the Details about the Picnic are HERE!

Make plans to attend this wonderful event! Everyone is invited to attend members & non-members alike.

The Club provides the drinks, plates, utensils, napkins, cups! You provide a dish to share! We are also looking for main dishes like fried chicken, chili, sandwiches, etc to share.

Some of the planned events for the day:

  • Low cost health clinics! - Eyes & Hearts at $50 each* (total both heart & eye for one dog is $100) CASH OR CHECK ONLY AT THE PICNIC OR PREPAY ONLINE
  • A Fun Match - this is a $5 class entry fee per cavalier. Judge is Mr. Joshusa Marshall (Forestcreek US)
  • Jr. Handling Class - FREE
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and (CGCA) and Trick Dog Testing by Alice Alford - FREE
  • Fun Contests with prizes for members and non-members to participate in! $1 for each entry
  • Fabulous FOOD! We will provide drinks & chips, paper plates, etc. We ask that you  please bring a dish or main dish to share! 
  • Wonderful social time and of course...all those beautiful CAVALIERS!

* these items require additional forms that must completed the day of the picnic. OFA Heart forms and OFA Eye forms will be available at the clinic. Pets participating in the clinics will not need all the AKC registration numbers, etc. If you are a breeder be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork to complete the forms.   

Set up for the event will be Saturday and Linda would appreciate help in setting up the field. If you can help, please contact Linda Whitmire

Cardiologist: Dr. Darlene Blischok-Lapekas , DVM, DACVIM (cardiology)
Opthamologist: Dr. Stacey Andrew DVM, MS, DACVO, DACVIM (opthamology)

Each clinic will cost $50 per dog. (For example, if you have one dog for hearts and eyes the total cost will be $100)

MEMBERS FUN MATCH JUDGE: Mr. Joshua Marshall (Forestcreek US)
What you will need to bring:

  • a chair to sit on (we will be outside in an open field)
  • a dish to share with everyone for the food table & serving utensils. We are also looking for main dishes like fried chicken, sandwiches, chili, etc. 
  • water bowl for your cavalier & any treats or food for them if needed
  • xpen, crate or leash for your cavalier (just cannot let your cavalier run loose!)
  • blanket if needed for ground cover
  • bug repellent (if the bugs are nasty)
  • completed paperwork for heart clinic
  • this is an open field so be mindful of ticks if your dog does not use tick preventative. 

Payment Options for Health Clinics

Participating in the Health Clinics?

You can now prepay for the clinics two different ways OR pay at the picnic!

1. Pay online using our safe secure store! You will be charged a $1.50 convenience fee to cover the Paypal processing fee. Once you have paid online, check in at the picnic registration table.

2. Prepay using our form and mailing in the form and check to be received by March 10, 2020  to our club treasurer. All information is on the form. Once you have mailed in your payment, please check in at the registration table at the puppy picnic. Go to the online payment store page (see link below) to download the form.

3. No pre-registration required. Sign up and pay at the picnic. Cash or Check only.

Click HERE to go to the online payment store!