CKCSCGA Policy Statements

Policy Statements are instituted by the club to clarify and establish guidelines that are not part of the Constitution / Bylaws or Ethical Guidelines.  These policy statements are reviewed by the Board and voted on by the Club membership prior to acceptance. 

Breeder Referral Listing Policy

CKCSC of Greater Atlanta Breeder Referral Listing Policy

Policy Date:  February 10, 2015
Effective Date: January 1, 2015
Date Approved by Membership: February 10, 2015
Date Communicated to Members: February 11, 2015

Policy Statement:
This policy is in regards to our club's website Breeder Referral Listings.

To have a listing on the club's website, the member must:

1. Be a regular member in good standing. When a member attains a regular member status, they cannot apply for Breeder Referral listing until the next membership renewal period.

2. Participate annually in six (6) club functions, such as, but not limited to: a. Annual Specialty Show b. Specialty Banquet  c; Regularly scheduled monthly club business meetings d. Activities sponsored by the CKCSC of Greater Atlanta (i.e., puppy picnic, meet the breed events, fun matches, health clinics, etc) e. any activity outside of the CKCSC of Greater Atlanta approved by the Board, such as attending the ACKCSC National.

3. In special circumstances, where a member cannot meet these annual requirements due to unforeseen circumstances, exceptions may be granted by the CKCSC of Greater Atlanta Board with a majority vote. This exception, if granted, will only apply to the current year period.

The Board must receive in writing, via letter or email, the reason for the exception. The Board will vote on the petition at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. If the exception is granted, the member can remain on the Breeder Referral listing for that year only without meeting the policy statement requirements.

The Corresponding Secretary will advise the member of the outcome of the petition for exemption.

4. Breeder Referral Listings will be renewed on an annual basis during the annual membership renewal period. The fee for the annual breeder referral listing will be $50.  Upon a new breeder referral listing or a renewal, the member must:   a. Provide a signed copy of the club's Code of Ethics/Ethical Guidelines with the Breeder Referral form; b. Provide a listing of the club functions attended in the prior year